Training in digital mammography through ImageJ

The national breast cancer screening program, which invites all women above the age of 50 to participate once every 2 years, started in 1992 in Luxembourg using film screen systems. Since then, detector systems have evolved, and mammography now enters the digital era. In the following years most of the hospitals in Luxembourg will switch from analogue mammography to digital mammography detectors. This implies a certain amount of changes, and a good technological and comprehensive knowledge becomes more and more important. In order to achieve a better understanding of the new techniques used in Mammography, the Ministry of Health decided to offer a training course about digital mammography and quality assurance. This training is essentially proposed to technical medical assistants, radiologists and physicists working with digital mammography. The course is divided into two sessions, a theoretical one and a practical one. The theory explains the functions and the characteristics of the detector. The practical part itself contains multiple short sessions with a small theoretical introduction and the practical use of Image J applied to the field of mammography. These practical sessions will offer a better understanding of the professionals every day routine.

Natasha Jerusalem¹, Christian Moll² and Andreas Jahnen²

(1) Ministry of Health Luxembourg, (2) Public Research Centre Henri Tudor


ImageJ, Breast Cancer, Luxembourg, Training

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