Optimage - Automated quality evaluation of radiological images

A sufficient quality of radiological images is necessary to answer the diagnostic questions. With reduced resolution or low contrast details, it is impossible to answer the medical questions. Therefore a regular image quality investigation is necessary with dedicated measurement phantoms.
The software tool Optimage supports these measurements with automatic evaluation of the acquired images. It tries to be as user friendly as possible and comes with an integrated database as well as statistic functionality to support the detection of a change of performance as early as possible. It implements different modules that are dedicated for a measurement method adapted to the used phantom. All modules use the same workflow to perform the implemented tests: After the selection of images, automatic segmentation takes place to find the different features in the phantom. The evaluation calculates the different parameters which are compared with the reference values configured. Additional statistic functions are available to examine the calculated data and incorporates the change of performance over time.

Andreas Jahnen, Johannes Hermen, Christian Moll

Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor, 18, avenue John F. Kennedy, L-1855 Luxembourg,Luxembourg¹

Homepage http://santec.tudor.lu

ImageJ, Quality Control

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