OK, uploaded V1.13 Beta 5 to the download site here. Has an updated GUI as well. Main thing is compatibility with the i86/N6 board.
For PWM, try both the PWM1 and PWM2 versions.

V1.13 Beta 5

  • Tweaked failsafe timing.
  • Adjusted overdue define for slower RXs.
  • Optimised code - thanks to wargh from RCG.
  • Added support for Eagle N6 / HobbyKing i86 hardware.
  • S1 selects failsafe, S3 & S4 select mixer modes.
  • Removed gyro I-term as it was dangerous/confusing, Gyro PID now a P+D loop.
    • Roll pot = Roll/Pitch P-term
    • Pitch pot = Roll/Pitch D-term
    • Yaw pot = Yaw P-term
  • Power-on modes now no longer lock up and confuse those that won't read manuals.
  • Added X-MODE thanks to Cesco.
  • Added LEGACY_PWM_MODE1 and LEGACY_PWM_MODE2 compile options.

LCD on the i86 is super-easy! Just plug it straight into M5

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