• re-load repository does now filter by settings.

since Beta 1

  • SimonK firmware can be downloaded from Github.
  • Editing of SimonK firmware.
  • Compiling of SimonK firmware.

Beta 3

  • new Logo
  • new sorting algorthm for firmwares in the dropdown list.
  • changlog information in the new version notification dialog.
  • Support for Open Flight Stabilizer Programming boxes with ATmega8 processor.
  • Restore fuses for KK2.0 and KK2.1.5 added

Beta 2

  • 64 Bit Linux support added.
  • Bug in translation system fixed, now all translations should be accessible.
  • Finnish and Bulgarian translation added.
  • Translations updated.

Beta 3

  • New item in settings menu: hide deprecated. This will hide firmware that I mark as deprecated. To go through the list will take some time.

Beta 4

  • New target for Atmega8 based ESC is added. It allows to set the default fuse settings like explained in tgy.asm.

Beta 5

  • Daily builds of SimonK firmware is now available in the tool. It is build every night. To use it enable the function in the settings menu.
  • Gatekeeper problem on Mac should be fixed now. Thanks for the hints.
  • Warning message when USB Linker is selected but no serial port chosen.
  • Adding support for RX3SM
  • Adding support for KK2.1
  • translations updated
  • Support for Orange RX3S V1/V2/V3 added to add OpenStab to the flashtool.
  • Afro USB Programming Tool is now selectable as programmer.
  • Serious bug fixed that flashed tbs.hex on ESC made for bs.hex
  • KK2.0 with ATmega1284p added. For people who replaced the ATmega324p. Target also set's the fuses.
  • -B option removed from flash command, as nobody flashes virgin boards any more it is not required longer. Bye -B.
  • Support for setting the brownout to 2.7V on KK2.0 boards.
  • Scroll bars for firmware cache window added.
  • Now damaged zip files will be deleted, so that the on next try they are downloaded again.
  • Linux start script had a bug in 0.71 stable.
  • New EXE files to launch the tool easier and without the annoying java problems.
  • Hot-keys are added. See the manual for details.
  • Possibility to make a ArduinoUSBlinker added to the tools menu. See the How to make a ArduinoUSBLinker
  • Fixing the problem with not listing available serial ports.
  • The EscLight firmware can now be flashed to BS type BL-ESC. See Johannes page for more informations.
  • re-arranged list of boards.
  • There is a new board added to the list. „HobbyKing KK2.0 (fuse restore)“ can be used if you have a not working board. During flashing with this board selected the fuses are set to external clock and some other things. For normal flashing you can use the normal KK2.0 board selected.
  • problem with md5 beginning with a 0 fixed.
  • Translation update.
  • A count down timer is added to the settings menu. With that you can add some delay before the flashing starts. Set it to 0 for now delay.
  • Wii-ESC settings can be flashed from Wii-ESC SVN.
  • Wii-ESC support added.
  • Readability of the feature list of each firmware improved. For OpenAero firmware there is now a third line with the file name.
  • added link to the RapidESC database.
  • in case of flashing errors the text in the log area will be printed red.
  • Message dialogs for flash result added. Can be disabled in settings dialog.
  • USBtiny programmer fixed.
  • KK 2.0 support added, there is no original firmware available to restore. SO BE CAREFUL.
  • Hobbyking i86 and i86L support added.
  • Eagle N6 V1 support added.
  • Turnigy USB Linker added as programmer. To update ESC via servo plug.
  • Ability to enable bootloader on BL-ESC target.
  • Translations updated.
  • Translations updated.
  • ATmega328 added to the controller list.
  • now the kkmulticopterflashtool_SERIAL.cmd is added. Sorry missed to add it to the zip package.
  • scanning for serial and parallel ports introduced in version 0.40 is disabled by default for Windows systems. Use the kkmulticopterflashtool_SERIAL.cmd to use the scanning version. Only necessary if you use a avrisp mkII or other programmer that uses serial or parallel interface.
  • Smart LCD pro can now be flashed with the tool.
  • ESC firmware from simonk for Atmel ATmega 8 based could be flashed now.
  • Brownout level changed to 2.7V for all kkboards.
  • reduced the start up time.
  • Japanese, Romanian, Hungarian, Bosnian, Serbian and Norwegian translation added.
  • Category filter only shows categories available for the selected board.
  • GUI improvements.
  • User setting can be read form EEprom, edited and saved back to the board.
  • EEprom can be erased for all firmwares. So you can now reset your kkmulticopter board to defaults. This will not erase installed firmware, only settings in EEProm are affected.
  • erasing lockbit added to flash HobbyKing Multi-Rotor Control Board V3.0
  • bug that prevented lockbit erasion on ATmega48pa based boards fixed.
  • new avrdude for Mac and Linux. Should solve AVRisp
  • Linux 64 bit support added.
  • HobbyKing HobbyKing Quadcopter Control Board V1 board is running again.
  • HobbyKing Multi-Rotor Control Board V3.0 added to the list of supported hardware.
  • Version 0.53.2 has a bug fix in the avrdude for Mac OS X
  • avrdude updated to support the xwopen USBasp, select usbasp-clone from the list of available programmers. Thanks Artur.
  • Flycam blackboard from kkmulticopter.kr and goodluckbuy.com are supported now.
  • Problem with parallel installed winavr or Burn-O-Mat solved.
  • bug-fix for parallel port programmers on Windows systems.
  • Croatian translation fixed.
  • Swedish translation updated.
  • avrdude upgrade for Mac version. Hopefully you no longer need to install additional libraries.
  • Support for Flycam Blackboard
  • Scan ports for parallel ports to also support old STK200 programmers.
  • MD5 check for downloads added. Only working now for files that have already the MD5 defined in the repository.
  • Improvement of sending log-file.
  • Greek translation added. Thanks to Panos.
  • Croatian translation added. Thanks to Sinisa.
  • Serial port is scanned for new devices every second. So there is no need to plug the programmer before the software starts.
  • Should run now on Win7 64-bit without replacing the rxtxserial.dll.
  • Should run now on Lion. When you have problems with libusb-1.0.0.dylib, copy it from the dmg to the /usr/local/lib folder. This can be done in the dmg.
  • Improved USBtiny support.
  • avrdude backend is updated to the newest version.
  • available serial ports are now detected on software start. Make sure the programmer is plugged before software start. This is not necessary for AVRisp mkII, USBasp, usbtiny and other real usb programmers.
  • Pololu programmer should work now in ISP mode. Select the correct serial port.
  • Commandline options added:
    • add „-c“ to the start script after the kkmulticopterflashtool.jar to use the default color schema of the Java VM instead of the black background.
  • Add device codes to Atmega 168 for AVR910 programmers.
  • Add HobbyKing Quadrocopter Control V2.
  • Korean translation added. Thanks to Jongho.
  • Slovakian and Czech translation added. Thanks to Peter.
  • Hebrew translation added. Thanks to Yair.
  • Add flashing options to firmware descriptions.

Originally Posted by dt8666 Hi. Kornetto. Even it display +, can you power up and test the control to see if it fly as X?

Hi LZ Can you add to your tool to also clear the EEPROM? As the old configuration or data still in there and Mike's firmware will read from there. Our bootloader flash do the EEPROM clear as well.

Bugfix version. Version 0.31 prevented flashing the kk-board, because of malformed avrdude commands.

  • advanced settings for some progger settings. Baud rate for STK500, STK500v2 to use arduinoISP correctly?
  • Spanish translation added. Thanks to Ernesto.
  • Russian translation added. Thanks to Artur.
  • Portuguese translation added. Thanks to Jose.
  • Info button added. You can now open an information page to all firmwares that have one.

Much thanks once again to all the people helping me with the translation.

  • filter the firmwares for a controller by categories (e.g. Quadrocopter, XCopter, …)
  • menu item added to send the latest log file.
  • menu item added to send firmwares to me, so I could easyly add them to the tool.
  • Danish translation added. Thanks to Falke.
  • Brazilian translation added. Thanks to rcall.
  • Polish translation added. Thanks to Andrzej.
  • Faroese translation added. Thanks to Samal.
  • Swedish translation added. Thanks to Patrik.
  • Turkish translation added. Thanks to mcgyver_taner.
  • Bugfixes to support the myAVR mySmart programmers better.

Much thanks once again to alll, John, Yanan and Marco for their efforts to update the translations.

  • Force flashing checkbox removed.
  • Native support for 48PA and A168P/PA versions of the Atmegas added.
  • logging added to easy up the support. A file kkLogging.txt is written during every use of the software.
  • Chinese translation added. Thanks to Yanan for his great work.

Much thanks once again to alll, John and Marco for their efforts to update the translations.

  • Force flashing checkbox added to support also P/PA versions of the Atmega 168. Use this only if the controller on your board is a P/PA. For the 328P there is a separate controller in the list available.
    Only use if output is:

avrdude.exe: AVR device initialized and ready to accept instructions

Reading | ################################################## | 100% 0.00s

avrdude.exe: Device signature = 0x1e940b
avrdude.exe: Expected signature for ATMEGA168 is 1E 94 06
Double check chip, or use -F to override this check.

avrdude.exe done. Thank you.

  • Dutch translation added. Thanks to John.
  • Italian translation added. Thanks to Marco
  • offline mode. You can now download firmware by type to the offline folder of the tool, an use them in offline mode.
  • bug-fix: now the tool restores the last used port correctly.
  • bug-fix: added a CMD-script to start properly on Windows 7.
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