Tiny Whoop 2- or 3-port Charger

Although I have a 4-port charger from e-flight, but that is not very good and I have doubts it is charging the batteries not fully. Therefore, I've built an own charger from TP4056 breakout boards. The charge controller is factory set to loads Lipos with 1A. This is of course far too much for a cell which typically has as capacity between 150 and 200mAh. The charging current can be set by changing a resistor. With a resistor of 4kOhm (I only had 3,9kOhm) the current is going down to moderate 300mAh.

Matching Micro JST jacks I someday ordered on ebay. Finally I printed a practical case and to protect the charger electronic.

More resistor values

30 50
20 70
10 130
5 250
4 300
3 400
2 580
1.66 690
1.5 780
1.33 900
1.2 1000
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