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 +====== Make several usb AVR programming dongles work on Linux ======
 +To use the avrisp mkII and other programmers run on Linux needed to add a rule to udev (according to this http://​www.mikrocontroller.net/​articles/​AVRDUDE)
 +Add a rule 10_avrproggers.rules to /​etc/​udev/​rules.d/​
 +# Atmel AVR ISP mkII
 +SUBSYSTEM=="​usb",​ SYSFS{idVendor}=="​03eb",​ SYSFS{idProduct}=="​2104",​ GROUP="​users",​ MODE="​0660" ​
 +# usbprog bootloader
 +ATTRS{idVendor}=="​1781",​ ATTRS{idProduct}=="​0c62",​ GROUP="​users",​ MODE="​0660"​
 +# USBasp programmer
 +ATTRS{idVendor}=="​16c0",​ ATTRS{idProduct}=="​05dc",​ GROUP="​users",​ MODE="​0660"​
 +# USBtiny programmer
 +ATTRS{idVendor}=="​1781",​ ATTRS{idProduct}=="​0c9f",​ GROUP="​users",​ MODE="​0660"​
 +then restart udev and you are done.
 +USBasp is natively supported on Ubuntu 10.04 and newer.
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